lost in space

Winterwell present

‘A Halloween Immersive Special’

Lost In Space

With Norman Jay and a host of Winterwell’s Super Star Dj’s

31st October, 9 - 4am, Loft Studios



Loft Studios is a huge rambling atmospheric old brick warehouse in West London. Anyone who has been to one of our Halloween parties will know that we hold nothing back, it gets the full Immersive Halloween production.

The year is 3015. Earth is cold, desolate, dead: the last remaining humans huddle for survival aboard the Space Station Winterwell on its voyage through the stars. Their mission is simple: find a new habitat for humanity, a new place to call home.

But their journey has been long, far too long almost a full thousand years, and it has taken its toll upon the hapless passengers.

Madness has infected humans aboard the ship, a hedonistic, stir-crazy mania. Once, the Space Station Winterwell was the last hope for mankind: now it’s Bedlam In Space, an asylum hurtling through the cosmos.

Who are you? A human passenger, driven mad by your confinement? An alien species, picked up along the journey? Or perhaps an unholy blend of the two?

Get ready for this deep space, immersive, Winterwell Halloween adventure. Step into our Space Station, housed at Loft Studios and become a passenger on humanity’s crazed last hope.


Thankfully, the space station was pre-equipped with a Funktion One sound system, which will be operated by Winterwells’ greatest DJs (and some very special guests!). Don’t miss out!


Early Bird £20 (until 6th October)
Early Bird 5 for 4 (£16 each) £80
Standard £25
Late Bird £30

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